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Kai Tak Promenade – Solar Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting and nature conservation are not at odds. With SPL, the expert in LED and solar landscape lighting solutions, the Waterfront Promenade adjacent to Hong Kong Children’s Hospital project has proved how the innovative luminaires deliver a fusion of landscape art and safety while contributing to the field of sustainability.

The Waterfront Promenade has formed a peaceful ambiance and sculpted a warm nightly landscape via a broad range of bespoke luminaires, inclusive of solar landscape lightings, street lights, and energy-efficient LED strip lights. These lights integrate the promenade and nature into one place, and they can be used for treatment and contemplation, and for spending time with relatives and friends away from the hospital corridors.

Project Name: Kai Tak Waterfront Promenade – Adjacent H.K. Children’s Hospital
Project Location: Kai Tak
Project Nature: Sports & Recreation
Completion Year: 2021

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