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The new MARS Centre in Tai Po INNOPARK is a renovated industrial building. Its purpose is for manufacturing that requires accuracy, hygiene, and quality at all stages. Hence, high-standard industry-tested lighting is paramount to satisfying most classifications in advanced manufacturing, such as requirements for cleanrooms.

The lighting solution for the MARS Centre is supported by SPL. These various installed high-efficiency luminaires offer ergonomic, efficient, and economic features that deliver the maximum light output with low energy consumption to the MARS Centre. Those luminaires are also resistant to dust and humidity, tolerate temperature fluctuations, and adhere to the highest hygiene standards to satisfy the clean room production requirements in the medical equipment sector.

Subsequently, the MARS Centre not only increases worker productivity, positivity, and workplace safety, but it also serves as the fuel for Hong Kong’s advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Project Name: HKSTP MARS Centre
Project Location: Tai Po
Project Nature: Industrial
Completion Year: 2022

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